Made in Amsterdam

21 July 2018

The new makers’ economy

Amsterdam is once again a city of makers.
The production industry is back in town in Amsterdam, but in a different form.

The city’s new producers are local, small scale and artisanal and they want to be able to shake their customers by the hand.
Here producers can afford to stay small and exclusive.
There’s a demand for their products.

What we’re talking about are the craftsmen and women.

Traditional products, made with love

Going back to traditional products that are made with love.
The desire for authenticity and appreciation for craftsmanship seems to be the counterpart of the consumer society.

Sales and shipping have become easier.
Amsterdam start-ups operating in small niches can trade all over the world.

Amsterdam may not be a fashion city, but it’s renowned for its Art and Design.
It’s also a real global village with a strong international orientation.
Amsterdam attracts people. It’s an international city that’s open to all cultures.
Creativity needs the freedom and nonchalance of a city like Amsterdam.

Arts So Contemporary




Source Amsterdam Magazine, text Veerle Corstens


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