Clarity on your Calling

10 December 2017

Clarity on your calling

is of utmost importance. It can cause you a life of unending happiness.
When you have clarity on your calling, you can look at the structure and the environment of your life and see exactly what is not conducive to it.

Your activities, the job or business you have, the people you hang out with, the feelings and thoughts that you have.
If those are going against your calling, it’s no wonder you’ve not been happy on a day-to-day constant basis.
Your social conditioning which is all memory based, can be garbage.

In absence of clarity on our calling, we become strangely loyal to performing daily triva, until we ultimately become enslaved by it. If you don’t have a course, you can not course-correct.

This can cause people to be confused and unhappy, their spiritual glimpses only last short and then they’re depressed again. They fall back in an environment with the same activities, people and thought forms that are of a certain frequency.
Relative happiness, meaning the individual being happy in this life, that experience happens when you are doing something that is in alignment with your essence.

When you found your unique reason for being here, you can realign the structure, your schedule, your environment.
Everything of your life can fall underneath it.
It’s possible that you discover that the things you once thought you were excited about, have very little-to nothing to do with establishing your calling…

Every once in a while ask yourself is there a improved definition of my calling, a refinement?
Every once in a while take a good hard look at your life and ask yourself; what is not conducive, not supportive to my calling?

Make changes according, eliminate, replace, become good at this, build momentum and go for optimization. Focus on the things that truly excite you, that you’re passionate about, that make you light up AND be of best service to others with this!

If you as a physical human being don’t live life like this, you’re going to be causing yourself some form of dis-ease.

Clarity is trusting the path.
Clarity is momentum that has no resistance.
When you’re in that place of clarity, the feeling of what to do next is right there.

My calling is to let people experience the joy of conscious creation.
You can enjoy my wall hangings/kakemonos or have a personal session of The Art of Essence for becoming a conscious creator yourself.


                                                                                                            With thanks to Bentinho Massaro and Abraham



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