the Art of Essence

The Art of Essence

is a highly effective 1-on-1 session for women.
Helping you to receive inspiration how to use your creative ability in a beneficial way, your way.
A personal session and an Artwork costum made for you.

For discovering and realizing your purpose.
For clarity and purity in your life and work.
For living a life that resonates with your Essence.

Here you can bring in what no longer works for you.
As you learn to conscious use your creative ability, you will no longer conform to a matrix that isn’t working for you.

Following the ancient advice: Know Thyself.
Rich resources are lying within you.

Removing resistance will allow evolutionary energy to unfold.
You clean and release what’s been holding you back; unconscious limiting beliefs, programming.

You gain awareness and get clarity.
You learn to be in contact with your Essence, with the Divine, from which inspiration comes and impulses emerge that generate FLOW.

Attaining inner harmony to create harmonious circumstances.
Because by giving the best of ourselves we contribute to a wonderful world.

You are the bridge between heaven and Earth

So Contemporary believes in the creative ability we as humans possess.
The inspired creative process is so powerful.
I mean the real thing, so no copying, imitating or making adaptions to what already is physical.
Manifesting is making the invisible visibel, making it physical.

‘Creation happens in the NOW always and it requires action.
However, activity arises from stillness.
When something is made from no-thing, that’s where the magic happens…’
Tori at daylight SOCOntemporary

A deeply creative place in your inner world

is the place of CRISIS; your pain, fears, shadows and illusions.
It’s also the place of your biggest GAIN; evolution, growth, transformation and change.

Your soul can speak to you either in desire or dissatisfaction.
Dissatisfaction can be a creative state. When you honour your dissatisfaction, it can show you the way.

A challenge that can relieve you of limiting attachments.
Making your life a reflection of your deepest desire and your highest knowing.
Being the truest of YOU, to willingly give and graciously receive the most in life.Thread SOCOntemporary

‘The minute you begin to do what you really want to do, it’s really a different kind of life’


We all have a purpose.
This is not something you make up your mind about, it’s something you discover…

The task of vocation continuously unfolds throughout your lifetime and its success depends on your ability to courageously follow its call. Vocation induces you to follow your soul and become conscious.

Succeeding on your own terms

Success means different things to different people. Many have bought into a vision of success that was defined by someone else, rather than asking ourselves what a truly fulfilling life -on our own terms- would look like.

Explore your own vision of success.
Manifest what is in alignment with your Essence.
Body, mind and spirit saying YES to a life that brings you JOY as you create it.

The steps of Conscious Creation

will bring you awareness, inspiration, flow and manifestation.
Painting your Ensō manifests your personal Kakemono artwork.

Making FLOW visible makes your artwork a powerful TOOL to use on your way that unfolds as you walk it.
We´ll work with a focus wheel, entrainment, a guided meditation, Healing Arts, expression and a Hado-Kotodama ritual.


Comments after having done a session:

‘I didn’t know I was capable of this!’ Carolien
‘Revealing, active and inspiring’ Sieneke

‘There is something beyond intention, even beyond imagination and that is INSPIRATION. The word that literally means to breathe in spirit’



Free Yantra So Contemporary

The Source of creation is whole. It is all-beingness. It is as is, unchanging.
And even so, a fractal of Source is allowed to produce sparks, to expand and use the creative consciousness to express variations.
A play to allow… where will this spirit carry, where will this creation go?
You are a unique expression of the whole.


‘Only out of Unity can you get infinite diversity.’