A kakemono is…

A hanging scroll originally from Japan, intended to be hung against a wall as interior decoration.

Kakemono-SoContemporaryContemporary kakemonos
are a blend of Japanese, Scandinavian & Dutch design.

The basis is an organic canvas combined with a set of wooden rods.
Its characteristics are distinct; simple and pure.
Stripped of the unnecessary, revealing essence.

An Artwork that contributes to harmony in your interior and in your daily life.

A kakemono can also be used as a tool for centering and awareness.
In a dynamic accelerating world full of distractions, a kakemono can serve as a focal point.
Each is one of a kind, created from a meditative state.

The value of…
Aesthetics can give you ‘drive’.
Art is deepening; it can be fascinating, soothing and contribute to harmony.
More and more people acknowledge the value of art in their surrounding.

‘Beauty is the harmony of purpose and form.’
Alvar Aalto

‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.’