FotoPlaying with the Pearl of Potentiality

I believe…

that WHY you do WHAT you do and HOW you do it,
can be aligned with who you ARE.

Impossible? That’s a belief which you can change into I’M possible.
I once did… and now I help others to do just that.

I once just knew I had something else to offer than what was already ‘out there’.
Something that would be so rewarding for both me and the world.
However, this ‘something’ did not exist yet, I had to create it…

Fast forward> I now create value with So Contemporary.
Kakemonos. One of a kind wall hangings.
The Art of Essence. A personal session to help you receive inspiration and experience the process of conscious creation.

My business I created from zero.
And do you know that’s where the most brilliant ideas come from? From Zero!
It’s the void where all potential exists.
Where our programming and paradigms don’t interfere.
Where Divine inspiration flows.

Why I do What I do?
Because I want others to experience the joy of conscious creation.

When West and East meet

I love to make creations in which I blend East and West, the old and new, heaven and earth.
Bridging opposites to bring forth awareness and harmony in our inner & outer world.
I work with the circle as the symbol for Oneness.


For over 12 years now I study multidimensional healing arts. I’ve had many teachers, keep on learning and have my mentors.
I practise Jin Shin Jyutsu and Ho’oponopono for body mind and spirit.
As an artist I know the creative process from A to Z and I keep on developing.
By learning to use my creative, intuitive and imaginative talents, I can serve best and contribute to a wonderful world. ‘Marieke’

My acknowledgements go out to all those related to the Healing Arts and the Sphere beings, for their contribution in human consciousness, planet Earth and its potential.


2010 Slot Schagen, 2011 Horen-Zien-Zwijgen Schagen, 2011 Centrum Beeldende Kunst Amsterdam, 2012 Global Art Oude Kerk Amsterdam, 2012 Kunstenhuis Amsterdam, 2012 Cultuurhuis M18 Schagen, 2012 Centrum Beeldende Kunst Amsterdam, 2013 Divine Earth Amsterdam, 2014 Hilton Amsterdam, 2015 Stoelendans Schagen, 2016 Makers Festival Amsterdam, 2016 Sunday Afternoon Art New York City, 2017 Sunday Afternoon Art Amsterdam, 2018 Sunday Afternoon Art Antwerp



Jenna: ‘Marieke is attracted to the avant-garde, the latest advances in human thought and development and eclectic and cosmopolitan in her tastes, a global citizen.
Forward looking and progressive Marieke is a person who supports change, innovation and human advancement. The language of art is natural to her and she is able to think in highly abstract and symbolic terms.
Strongly committed and extremely aware of interconnection, wishing to contribute something of value to the world. Truly interested in the good of the whole.’

Alariel: ‘As an artist she is able to resonate with the spirit of the 21st century and express its ideals, its unique quality and energy’.

‘There are many ways to communicate just as there are many languages’