Wall Hangings
One of a kind Originals

Hi, nice to meet you!
SoCo Wall Hangings are 
One of a kind
bespoke Dutch Design.

Textile & Wood
Combining textiles with
paint, stitches and treasures from Nature.
FSC certified wood is used
for the suspension system
and materials are being upcycled.

Now that more in our lives has become virtual,
there is a rediscovered appreciation
for things tactile.
Even more so when they are One of a kind.

The right unique piece
for you & your interior
is handmade by
Marieke in Amsterdam.

are found in every
SoCo Wall Hanging.
Symbolizing the cycle of time, 
The great rhythm of the Universe.

Amsterdam based
Marieke is the founder & maker of
SoCo Wall Hangings.

'I Feel the Circle is
the most simple
Universal language
of communicating Oneness.
The One is the all, the All are the One.'

With Love, Marieke