SoCo Kakemono's
Inspired by Japanese hanging scrolls.
The artform you would find in

Blending the East & the West,
the Old & the New.
Embracing the aesthetic of Wabi Sabi.
Every kakemono is handmade & one of a kind.

Unity in Diversity 
In each kakemono you'll find 
a Golden Circle representing Spirit
a Red Circle representing the Body
an Enso representing the Mind & the Now

A KakeMono is...
an enrichement to your Space
a reminder of your Essence
an invitation to be present in the Now

We Are Creators.


  With Love, Marieke


 Art Made Accessible
You can find me in public spaces
on the streets of Amsterdam with
'Art of the Day'
By offering PAY AS YOU LIK€
Everyone can TAKE ART HOME!