So Contemporary


 Art as a way
You can find me in public spaces
on the streets of Amsterdam with
'Art of the Day'

Art made accessible.
By offering PAY AS YOU LIK€
Everyone can TAKE ART HOME!

SoCo Kakemono's
Are Wall-Hangings.
At once unclassifiable and existing in a class all of their own.

Inspired by Japanese hanging scrolls.
The artform you would find in
a Dojo, a Teahouse or a traditional Home.

A blending of the East & the West,
the Old & the New.
Embracing the aesthetic of Wabi Sabi,
every kakemono is handmade and one of a kind.

Unity in Diversity 
In each kakemono you'll find 
a Golden Circle representing Spirit
a Red Circle representing the Body
an Enso representing the Mind & the Now

May your kakemono be
an enrichement to your space
a reminder of your Essence
an invitation to be present in the Now

We are Creators.


  With Love, Marieke